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Sylvain Manet, Countertenor / Clarinetist

Throughout his career Sylvain Manet wondered about the best way to transmit his music. Whether by the work of the verb and language in his song, by a choreographic approach to the movement of the musician, or by a simple word or a staging, he questions the codes of representation and seeks to create different listening arrangements.

It is with his group of Klezmer Paye ton Schtreimel that he confronts the public the most after having surveyed the streets, bars and festivals of France for 7 years. These experiences, in parallel to his clarinet studies at the CRR de Lille, allowed him to develop a scenic ease, a spontaneity necessary for the street arts.

He began singing in 2010 at the Lille Conservatory and went on to practice ancient music at the Baroque Music Center of Versailles (2014-2016) and then at the National Superior Music Conservatory of Lyon (2016-2020). He is currently in master of early music singing in the class of Robert Expert.

He wants to practice singing in its different aspects, as a soloist, as a chorister and in a small ensemble. He works regularly with Les Meslanges, Spirito, Les Voix Animées, Concerto Soave, l'Archivolte and performs with the Concert Spirituel, the lyric workshop of Tourcoing, the musicians of the Louvres. He will also be part of the next contemporary opera creation Jungle, a wild opera by the company Eclats in Bordeaux in the role of Sherekhan the tiger.

To support his research between music and movement, he trained in yoga, baroque dance with Béatrice Massin and in scenic and choreographic writing during an internship with Gisèle Vienne. He was also a performer and musician-actor for the Brigitte Nielsen Society, the Company in the tree and the XXY Collective.

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