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Joker Discovery Magazine Crescendo: La Quintina magnifies its fertile investigation of the Ludford masses. This achievement will not compare to any other. The artistic realization of its proposal with one voice per part, embroidered by the organetto, stands out and honors this young quartet founded in 2019. Through its virtuoso conduct of the abyss and the palimpeste, La Quintina succeeds in the challenge of outclassing the ingenuity of his exploration of the Missa Sabato. Chrisstophe Steyne

Gramophone Magazine : Three crystal-clear singers and a sprightly organetto. La Quintina are definitely  an together to watch out for. Edward Breen. 

Gramophone "One to watch" from February 2024: To press play on La Quintina's new album is to encounter an ensemble whose sound is  both instantly engaging and impressively distinctive. It's this attention to detail - even down to the care taken over pronounciation of Early English and English Latin - that really stand out. Martin Cullingford.

Fono forum March 2024: 4.5 stars: On  this second recording the musicians extrapolate the musical model with obvious freedom and assurance. Best specialists in this music. Reinmar Emans

The manifesto : 4 stars (intenso): La Quintina, giovane quartetto francese (tenore, soprano, controtenore and organo portatile) impegnato a far rivivere page dimenticate della polifonia europea, with intense risultati espressivi. Guido Michelone

Choir and Organ from March 2024: Its  premiere recording of Ludford's Mass upon John Dunstable's square is informed bu authentic pronunciation in a joyous marriage of fascinating, exhaustive scholarship and gloriously immersive performance, Rebecca Tavener.

Musicweb international : Recommended recording: I urge any lover of Renaissance polyphony to investigate this disc and add it (and the one mentioned above) to his collection. I am sure you will return to it more than once. Johan Van Veen. 

Prices of the German schallplatten kritik : Nominiert Longlist 1/2024


Donum music: The performances could not be any better. The singing and playing are outstanding, and Christophe Deslignes's diminutions are a nice bonus. 

Radio Klassik Stephansdom: Cd of the day / January 19, 2024 

FCE Continuo: Favorite tracks of the month of February


Discovery Joker Crescendo Magazine: "Creative, intimate and radiant rediscovery with La Quintina. An album as attractive as it is educated, and truly major in the rediscovery of this part refractory to the Anglican Reformation, of this neglected link in the votive liturgy in the Tudor era" / Christophe Steyne

5 stars Rondo Magazin : "The result is thrilling and absolutely convincing. An extremely valuable contribution within historically informed performances, but also a pleasure in itself" / Michael Wersin

Clé Resmusica : "In the interpretation of this Missa Sabato, the singers excel with an interpretive serenity and an exhilarating vocal refinement." / Charlotte Saulneron

5 Diapasons : "The Quintina recreates on these cantus firmus magnificent counterpoints. We salute an elegantly sober interpretation that lets the fluid lines and full tones of these repertoires between tradition and experimentation flourish / Jacques Meegens

Musicweb international : Album Recommended / Nominated among the recordings of the year 2020 : "It has taken a French ensemble to bring us nearer to an ideal recording of this music by a still underrated English Tudor composer" / Brian Wilson

Fono Forum : 4 stars : "Thanks to their clear intonation, the three singers - one for each voice - find an overall sound very pleasant and even lush. The instrumental pieces on organetto are also exciting" / Reinmar Emans

De Volkskrant : 4 stars : The young French ensemble can be proud of this first recording of Nicholas Ludford's Missa Sabato / Guido van Oorschot

Pizzicato : 4 stars : La Quintina lovingly showcases the flowery and at the same time intimate polyphony of this newly discovered, charming and magnificent music / Remy Franck

Musikzen : Surreal atmosphere: Jérémie Couleau happily tackled this reconstruction, relying on the small staff of his new ensemble, La Quintina, where three singers and a portable organ work wonders. They switch from monophony to polyphony, give the organ time to breathe, sing brightly, interweave their notes, create a somewhat surreal atmosphere and make this album a little gem / Gérard Pangon

Concerto : Das Magazin für Alte Musik : Murmurs, rustles, songs, radiations, vibrations, whispers (...) Esther Labourdette, Sylvain Manet and Jérémie Couleau are confident soloists with their own character, together in good harmony, remaining clear on their lines, but also flexible and of course on the text. Christophe Deslignes plays the organetto not only as a reliable accompaniment, but also as a solo instrument without limits of expressiveness.

Choir and Organ Magazin : These performances are a delicate delight – attractive, intimate, flowing, affectionate – drawing the listener into a world of exquisite holy miniatures. 

Andrew-Benson Wilson's blog : The interpretation is attractive and irresistible. The music is extraordinary / Andrew-Benson Wilson

OpusKlassik : A particularly successful performance and recording / Aart van der Wal

Musicweb international : Short reviews : The approach of the ensemble results in a quite fascinating performance, also thanks to the excellent singing and playing / Johann van Veen

ClassicToulouse : Double discovery: La Quintina reconstitutes here the Missa Sabato with talent and conviction / Serge Chauzy

Blog de Thierry Vagne : Besides the beauty of the music, sometimes monodic sometimes in three voices, we are especially impressed by the organetto / Thierry Vagne

Interview in Resmusica :

BBC Radio 3, Breakfast (2 juin 2020), A fascinating and brand new disc dedicated to a five hundred years old music/ Petroc Trelawny

BBC Radio 3, Petroc's classical rise and shine (9 juillet 2020), La Quintina is one of the innovative and brilliant groups (Extrait du Kyrie de la Missa Sabato)

SWR2, Geistliche Musik (10 octobre 2020), Show in which our record Heavenly Songes is presented !

CKRL, Continuo (26 février 2021), Missa Sabato's Gloria is played in Denis Grenier's show

CKRL, Continuo (19 mars 2021), Kyrie, Glose Edi beo thu hevene quene, Agnus and interview in Denis Grenier's show

WPRB Princeton (18 november 2020) : Classical discoveries (Marvin Rosen) /  Deo Gracias Anglia is played

Carnet sur sol : Heavenly Songes is selected among the good records

Anaclase : Heavenly Songes is selected among early music albums

Forum Talk Classical : Heavenly Songes is selected among the best english masses's performances

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