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Performance artist based in Morbihan, Eva Fogelgesang regularly performs solo, with song, harps, violin, in concert or in show mixing theater and music. She is currently working on "Elle est là!", A musical and theatrical solo directed by Antony Quenet.

She explores and shares the stage with various accomplices: the Compagnie Artemusie , for shows and concerts bringing together the living arts around the Middle Ages, Les Baladins d'Icarie, Toulouse company of music readings (for "Le chant des brûlés" "), the Nepeta Company (for the vocal and theatrical show" les Michelibediches "), as well as a young audience duo with Liliana François (" El music del aire ", Colombian tale about music from the Andes).

Since 2003, she has collaborated with different medieval music ensembles: Millenarium, Amadis, Mille Bonjours, Cie Orion, Cie Fin'amour.

She has worked regularly since 2005 at the Musée de la Musique / Philharmonie de Paris.

Holder of a music license (University of Metz) and DUMI (University Diploma of Intervening Musician), she also teaches the Celtic harp, and has been developing for some years hospital projects (pediatrics, neonatology, psychiatry)

She participated in the development of a medieval sound library for illustration (films, videos) for the publisher Musicjag, collaborated on several recordings: Llibre Vermell and Danza de Millenarium (Ricercar), La Danse Medievale Vol. 1 and 2 (Le lOcal), I'm not the man I used to be by Phil Parfitt (Milltone head recordants), and self-produced his first solo album Jardin d'Hiver in 2012.

A new self-production album is in preparation for 2020 ...



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